Thermal Inspection

Thermal Inspection

When inspecting homes or businesses, WrightWay utilizes Infrared Thermal Imaging technology to conduct inspections. This tool allows our trained technicians to pinpoint the source of moisture without having to cut unnecessary holes in your walls or floors. Using the thermal imaging tools, the source of water damage is a process that will be done throughout the drying process to track progress.  

In order to best diagnose water damage, our technicians are trained with thermal imaging cameras. Each truck is equipped with a camera and thermal imaging units so that moisture can be tracked and updated each time a technician steps on-site.  

WrightWay documents all moisture levels using thermal imaging. Proper documentation is critical in the event of an insurance claim to ensure that all levels have been captured and properly documented.  

WrightWay is available to come on-site for infrared thermal inspections for all prospective home and business buyers. This will give you peace of mind when in the purchasing process.