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Emergency Fire Damage Cleanup

24/7 Response Protects Your Fire Damaged Property

The moments immediately after your property suffers from fire damage are the most critical and also the most challenging. You need to act quickly, but you are dealing with a major disruption to your life. You need someone you can trust to take care of your property while you focus on everything else. 

At WrightWay, we understand what you are going through. We are on-call and available to step in immediately to secure your property, protect it from additional damage, and handle all the cleanup and repairs necessary to return your property back to normal. Give us a call as soon as possible to get started.

24/7 Response

Technicians can be on-site in less than an hour after your call.

Trained & Certified

Our team has advanced training to ensure your fire damage loss is handled professionally.

Large Loss Capable

We have the staff and equipment to respond to all types of losses.

Our Fire Damage Cleanup Process

As soon as the fire is out and has been cleared by the fire department, we can begin working to secure your property and prevent permanent damage to your property and belongings. Our team of trained technicians will:

  • Board up and/or tarp your property to secure and protect it
  • Inventory and pack out all contents for processing at our cleaning facility
  • Remove damaged building materials and contents, documenting everything for your insurance claim
  • If there is water damage, we set dehumidifiers and fans to assist with drying out the immediate area
  • Coordinate all repairs
  • Work with your insurance carrier to document and support your insurance claim

Capable Response for Any Size Fire Damage Loss

Whether you had a large fire resulting in significant structural damage or a small fire that mostly left a lingering smoke odor, WrightWay is equipped to respond right away. Each of our trucks is fully equipped with everything our technicians need to get started, and additional resources can be mobilized quickly for debris removal, contents packout, and board-up. 

With locations throughout Southwest Florida, we can respond to most calls within one hour. We also have the ability to scale for large losses, allocating more resources to your loss as needed. Our highest priority is restoring your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Restoring your property doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.


Call Now

We offer emergency service 24/7 and arrive fully equipped to begin cleanup.


Clean & Dry

Excess water is removed, your property is dried, and the impacted area is cleaned.


Peace of Mind

Relax knowing you’ve hired the pros and your property is in great hands.

Dependable Emergency Response for Fire Damage Losses

At WrightWay, we are confident in our team and their ability to deliver the best service to our customers during their time of need. Our training, experience, and equipment are unmatched by other companies, but what really sets us apart is our dedication to helping our customers navigate the complicated process of restoring their homes or businesses after a fire.

We truly understand the responsibility you place on our shoulders when you allow us to restore your property, and we do not take that for granted. We will treat your property as if it were our own until the moment your fully restored property is returned to you. Call now to get started.

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