Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Discovering a leak in your home can be a worrisome experience for most homeowners. A leak can balloon into a bigger issue, especially as the cause or source is not always immediately known. If a leak is seen or suspected, it is critical that you contact a company that is adept at leak detection. WrightWay employs skilled technicians who are trained to find and assess leaks in your home or business.

Before dry-out can occur, the leak must be found and repaired. Our technicians work to make sure that no further damage occurs to your property. Using the most up to date tools and methods, our technicians pinpoint the leak so that it can be expertly repaired.

Common types of leaks are:

  • Slab leak
  • Pinhole leak
  • Roof leak

Our trained leak detection technicians can navigate through your home to accurately pinpoint the source of the leak. Once found, they will then start a plan of action that will remediate the issue.

WrightWay offers leak detection 24-hours a day.