Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection

The first step if you think your home or business has mold, is to schedule a mold inspection. Mold (and mildew) can grow on a number of surfaces, such as ceiling tiles, wallpaper, carpets, drywall, and wood products. Mold can pose a serious risk and hazard to your home and office if left untreated.

WrightWay employs highly trained mold inspectors who will do a thorough inspection of the entire property. From this inspection, they will determine if further testing is needed.

WrightWay will recommend and/or coordinate with an indoor environmental professional. This third-party representative will then test your home or business for not only quantity, but types of mold and its source.  As part of WrightWay’s remediation program, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining the situation in your home or business. WrightWay will then work with a professional to determine the best route to remediate your home or business.

Once the mold remediation is completed, the same third-party company returns to the property to test your home or business once more. This is to ensure that the levels in your home are at an acceptable level.