Environmental Safety

Environmental Safety

Protecting the health and safety of our customers during a remediation or rebuild is WrightWay’s highest priority. WrightWay is committed to the highest levels of achievement in environmental safety and health on our projects. One of our primary goals for the successful completion of every project is the completion of the work in a safe manner and without incident.

WrightWay is committed to providing every customer with the peace and mind of restoring their property to its pre-loss conditions. Each WrightWay team member, subcontractor, and employee is expected to work towards accomplishing all tasks safely, correctly, by procedure, and without incident. In addition, we also empower our employees with “Stop Work Authority” for any activity they feel might pose an imminent danger. All of our trained technicians who step foot on-site are expected to abide by the rules and regulations outlined in the Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan (HASP) and all local, state, and Federal laws.

Training, hazard recognition, and the establishment safe work practices is a critical component of WrightWay’s safety culture. Our primary objective is to eliminate risk of injury or illness for all employees. To facilitate this objective, we conduct hands-on training, classroom and field, in accordance with, but not limited to, OSHA, NFPA, and DOT regulations.

WrightWay possesses the unique capability to provide in-house training and certifications when staffing up for large scale incidents, such as natural disasters or oil spills. This gives our environmental team the advantage to provide fully trained and competent personnel for every project with personnel demands of any size.

When approaching environmental safety, we at the WrightWay believe that the common sense, safe approach is usually the best way to complete the job. Everyone focused on the goal of working with safety foremost in their mind can result in a safe, successful project.

Types of Environmental Safety Jobs That WrightWay Handles:

  • Sewage/Trauma Cleanup
  • Biohazard Cleanup
  • Board Ups
  • Asbestos Testing/Remediation
  • Lead Testing/Remediation
  • Odor Removal
  • Category 3 Water Loss