Board Up Service

Secure Your Property After A Disaster

Following a water, storm, or fire loss, your home and its belongings are at their most vulnerable. You need to protect your home or business from the elements, potential theft, onlookers, and contamination of the area.

Within an hour of a loss, WrightWay will be on-site prepared to board up your home or business. Our team has years of experience and has helped other home and business owners in our community achieve full property recovery.

Our board-up services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will be there as soon as possible.

24/7 Response

Technicians can be on-site in less than an hour to secure your property.

Experienced Team

We have helped countless property owners secure their property after a disaster.

Large Loss Capable

We respond to losses of all sizes and have additional resources for commercial properties.

Take Swift Action to Minimize The Damage

When your property is damaged, you are responsible for minimizing the risk of additional losses. If you do not make a good-faith effort to protect your property, your insurance company can deny all or part of your claim. 

Emergency board-up ensures all entry points to your property are secured. Damaged properties are often targeted by thieves since the homeowners are likely away until repairs are complete. Board-up deters unwanted entry while protecting your property from the elements. This may also include tarping or boarding up the roof. All repairs are temporary and can remain in place until your property is restored completely.

Choose A Qualified Team For The Best Results

While it’s possible for anyone with the right equipment and materials to board up and secure your property after a disaster, not all board-up services are equal. Improperly attaching board and tarps can even result in even more damage to your property, increasing the cost to restore your property and requiring additional repairs that can delay you getting back into your home or business. 

WrightWay’s board-up technicians work with a high level of skill and precision. Boards and tarps are appropriately sized and affixed to your property in a manner that minimizes damage to your roof, siding, windows, and doors.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Restoring your property doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.


Call Now

We offer emergency service 24/7 and can arrive within one hour.



We’ll affix boards or tarps to all openings that puts your property at risk.


Peace of Mind

Relax knowing you’ve hired the pros and your property is in great hands.

Your Property Is In Great Hands

In the aftermath of a loss due to fire, storm, or flood, it is common to feel overwhelmed. When your home is in disrepair, you want a company that will provide you peace of mind when you are not on-site. WrightWay’s board-up service offers that peace of mind.

From the initial board-up through to the completion of cleanup and repairs, you can rely on WrightWay. Our experienced team is here for you each step of the way, and we will guide you through the entire process. Don’t hesitate to call anytime for immediate emergency service.

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