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Every restoration project is different. Typically, the drying process takes three days. However, every situation varies. WrightWay assigns a team of technicians that coordinate with you every step of the dry out. Our estimator and project managers work diligently with your insurance company and our trusted vendors to set a customized schedule that fits your busy life.

WrightWay’s experienced employees will work with your insurance company during the restoration process. WrightWay’s estimators will coordinate with your adjuster from the first site visit to assess the loss to material selections and payment.

Each restoration process requires a different course of action. Pricing varies for every job based on the extent of the damage and your insurance coverage. WrightWay will work with your insurance company and your budget to make repairs to your home. Our estimating teams will keep you updated on costs and fees throughout the restoration process. WrightWay also provides free estimates and inspections.

Your safety is WrightWay’s top priority. Every loss will be assessed by both WrightWay and your insurance company. Based on the scope of work, temporary relocation may be the best course of action for you and your loved ones. Consulting with your primary care physician is always encouraged.

WrightWay uses industry-approved chemicals as part of the remediation process. As a commitment to the environment and your safety, WrightWay uses “green” products to complete remediation. Should your loss require harsher chemicals, WrightWay provides Material Safety Data Sheets to keep you informed of any risks associated with chemicals used in your home.

Yes! WrightWay’s sales team can meet with your staff to assess your potential disaster needs. WrightWay can handle large-scale losses in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic loss.*

WrightWay XL is our dedicated commercial division. With over 100 experienced team members, we are able to handle any size commercial loss. Our fleet of response vehicles are available 24/7 to mobilize throughout Florida.

WrightWay works with several residential properties in the Southwest Florida area. From routine inspections to 24/7 emergency response, WrightWay can ensure your property is well maintained and that your residents have a response team available to minimize damages in the event of a loss.

WrightWay does offer business continuity/contingency planning for businesses that want to be prepared before a natural or man-made disaster. As a WrightWay Elite customer, we will perform a pre-loss assessment, gathering relevant information to ensure your business can run with minimal disruption in the event of a disaster.