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Smoke Odor Removal

Expert Smoke and Soot Cleanup in Southwest Florida

After a fire, the longest-lasting and furthest-reaching damage is caused by smoke and soot residues. Even in a contained fire scenario in which the fire is limited to only one room, smoke damage travels throughout the entire home or business, leaving behind pesky odors that can seem impossible to remove. 

Smoke and soot leave odor-causing particles embedded in your furniture and walls. These pesky odors are difficult to remove with most household cleaners. In this case, hiring a company that is equipped for smoke damage cleanup is an important step in putting your home or business back together.

24/7 Response

Our skilled technicians are available 24/7 to respond immediately after a fire loss.

Trained & Certified

Our team has advanced training to quickly and safely address smoke odors.

Advanced Techniques

We have the right equipment to treat smoke odors quickly and effectively.

Act Fast To Prevent Permanent Damage

Once smoke or soot settles within the fibers and surfaces of your property, they are hard to eliminate. Smoke residue is very acidic, leaving your belongings at risk of corrosion and permanent staining. Items such as carpeting, couches, and textiles are all at risk of suffering permanent damage if they are not properly cleaned. 

Your best chance of saving your belongings is to enlist the help of a professional smoke damage restoration company capable of treating smoke odors affecting your belongings as well as your structure. WrightWay’s skilled technicians employ a variety of smoke odor removal methods and can effectively eliminate all evidence that a fire occurred.

Remove Smoke Odors From Your Belongings After A Fire

The proper method for cleaning the items in your home varies greatly depending on the unique construction of the material.

WrightWay can handle anything from upholstery cleaning to cleaning knick-knacks and other smaller decor. We also offer odor removal from furnishing and soft goods as well as drying contents. For any specialized needs, WrightWay maintains relationships with reputable vendors throughout the area for any specialized restoration needs.

All affected contents will be sent to our facility for further cleaning and meticulous documentation for your insurance claim. 

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Restoring your property doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.


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We offer emergency service 24/7 and arrive fully equipped to begin cleanup.


Clean & Treat

The structure and your belongings are cleaned and treated to release smoke odors.


Peace of Mind

Relax knowing you’ve hired the pros and your property is in great hands.

Rely On Our Expertise To Protect Your Property From Smoke Damage and Eliminate Odors

WrightWay’s team of experts has over 30 years of experience handling fire and smoke damage. Our proven process has been tested and established over the course of several years, ensuring you get the best results when you call WrightWay to take care of smoke damage resulting from a fire. 

We will work quickly and considerately to salvage your property and belongings. We utilize our local and secure cleaning facility to handle the cleaning and safe storage of your belongings. Once your property has been restored, we will return your items, completely restored and free of any offensive odors. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for all your smoke and soot cleanup needs.

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