I would like to let you know that I have been thoroughly pleased and impressed with the service provided by Rob Jones and the rest of the team at WrightWay as they repaired my bathroom, closets, and bedroom after my recent water damage.

Not only was the work done well and in a professional manner; it was done as speedily as possible so that I could once again use my walk-in shower—a “must have” for a 93-year-old on oxygen. And all of the workers were more than professional; they were kind and thoughtful besides. I couldn’t have asked for more decent people in my house. They were even attentive to my cat!

I have been particularly happy with Rob’s role in the repairs. He was knowledgeable, responsive to the few minor complaints I had, and always kind about making time for me so that I felt that he cared about the work and me.

I would be pleased to recommend Rob and his company to anyone who needs repair work done.


Alice L. Hoell

P.S. My name is Jeannie Onasch; I’ve typed out this letter for Alice. I visit her several times a week, take her out, and generally know what’s going on at her house. On the occasions that I was there when Rob dropped by, I was quite impressed with his kind and caring approach to a 93-year-old. He took time to make her feel human and special, which I know kept her on a more even keel in the face of all the work that needed to be done there at her house. Rob is a fine young man and a wonderful representative with the public for any company for which he might work. There just are NOT that many young men around who would take the time and energy to interact like he has with an old woman. He’s done WrightWay proud.