Mold Testing

Mold Testing

One of the more important steps to take if you suspect your home or business has mold, is to schedule mold testing. WrightWay will help you acquire the appropriate mold testing to ensure that your home or business is on the right track for remediation. WrightWay has trained technicians who can tell you if you need a mold test, but we do not actually perform mold tests ourselves in order to avoid a conflict of interest. All mold testing is through a third-party to ensure that all results are accurate and true.

When To Get a Mold Test?

During the inspection of your home or business, if mold is present, our technicians will use the amount of mold present to determine is a mold test is needed. Mold testing is a requirement for anything greater than 10-square feet of mold.

Types of Mold Tests

There are a few different tests that a mold assessor will use when testing a property for mold. They are:

  • Sample tests
  • Tape tests
  • Air tests

Each of these gets processed through a lab by a third-party mold assessor. This is done to ensure that the results are accurate and true. Once the results have been determined, the WrightWay’s trained mold experts will review what course of action needs to be taken. With years of experience, they are able to implement a plan for any size and type of mold growth in a residential or commercial property.

Our mold experts will coordinate the mold testing in order to have it paid by your insurance carrier, causing you no out-of-pocket expense.

Types of Tests

When testing for mold, the first test that is done is called an initial assessment. During this time, our third-party mold assessor will come on-site to scope out the severity of the growth. They will take the levels inside the home, as well as outside.

When the remediation process is complete, we call back our third-party mold assessor to complete what is called a clearance. Done only at the time of completion, the mold assessor will determine if the remediation has been successful. They will issue either a pass or fail in the form of an official report that is provided to the WrightWay.

A less detailed test, such as a particle test, can be done on-site with a handheld equipment to get a snapshot of the severity of the growth. Done on-site, our mold experts are then able to give you a ballpark idea of the type of damage and remediation needed.

Once the results of the test has returned, our mold experts will begin on a plan of action for you in order to bring your home back to its pre-loss condition. An added benefit of the WrightWay is that we are able to provide you the results of both the initial assessment and the clearance. Both of these are items that must be disclosed at the time of any sale of the home or business.