We had an excellent experience with WrightWay. My wife and I live in a hi-rise condo that was affected by an undetected water leak. WrightWay was called and arrived on the scene within an hour. They quickly discovered the cause of the leak and determined the extent of damage. Unfortunately, several rooms were affected resulting in the complete removal of all our hardwood flooring. A huge advantage of WrightWay is that they are vertically integrated and can handle everything from water damage to insurance consultation, to complete renovation, and more.

Each team was led by knowledgeable individuals who were both professional and personable. The work was well coordinated and communication was prompt and complete. Our project manager, Mark Davis was assigned to us for all renovation work and he was a pleasure to work with. He was knowledgeable in all aspects  of the renovation, thorough on plans and terrific on communication. He was personally engaged in seeing that our expectations were met. Thank you to all the managers and staff WrightWay!

John & Cindy Loughlin