I just want to take a moment to write down my appreciation and gratitude for the professional work that you and the WrightWay team have performed on my home in Bradenton, Florida.

As you well know—I have been in the insurance business (with State Farm) for many, many years and have seen all kinds of transactions and events take place. The kitchen fire that created such a trauma for myself and my whole family—has not only been made ‘right’…but you took the time and applied standards of excellence that will restore us to an entirely new level of comfort and security.

The work is impeccable—the selection of materials and designs excellent—but most importantly, I can see and feel the thought, effort, and plain old hard work that has gone into restoring the house—which will certainly restore the family! Thanks again Dale—a round of applause to you and your outstanding team of Damage Restoration Specialists.

Diane Hall