Restoration Process

Restoration Process

In many cases contents may need to be cleaned and/or restored before we store or bring them back to you. We employ a team of specialists to properly handle these belongings throughout the restoration process. We are able to restore furniture, electronics, appliances, rugs and art as needed. WrightWay uses software systems that not only tracks your items but documents all of your personal property to ensure that everything is restored and returned properly. Here are the steps we use for contents cleaning and restoration:

  • Document and inspect all items onsite
  • Assessment of damage type
  • Sort and clean contents by damage type, severity, and material
    • Antiques, art , and valuables are prioritized to reduce permanent and expensive damages
    • Clothing, linens, and rugs are washed, steam cleaned, and processed as needed
    • Upholstery and furniture are assessed for clean-ability and are steam cleaned, wiped, polished, as needed
    • Kitchenware, decor, “knick-knacks” are hand cleaned by trained professionals
  • Deodorize and remove smoke odor if needed
  • Assess, quote, and repair contents as needed
  • Restore items using specialized contents restoration methods
  • Store belongings in climate controlled facility (accessible as needed)
  • Deliver belongings to your property once restoration is complete
  • Every step of the way our Contents Team will coordinate with you!

Beyond cleaning and restoring WrightWay will handle the process of restoring all of your property hand in hand with your insurance company and necessary vendors, allowing you to move forward with peace of mind after a loss.


Contents Restoration

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