Contents Packing and Storage

Contents Packing and Storage

After the events of a loss in your home or business, it is often necessary to remove items from the property during the restoration process. WrightWay offers comprehensive contents packing and storage to our customers that provide them peace of mind.

FAQ About Contents Packing and Storage

Following a loss at your home or business, WrightWay will send a team of trained professionals to help sort through the items you wish you to store. Our employees are background checked and trained in dealing with the aftermath of a loss of any size.

Throughout the packing process, WrightWay provides a complete inventory report that organizes your items in a comprehensive list for your review. Your items will be sorted by: cleanable, non-salvageable, and disposed. No items will be disposed of without your express permission. WrightWay also keeps a list of where each item is located, so that is searchable in our system.

Once our team of trained professionals has packed your items, they are taken to our local facility. Located minutes away from our home base, our specialized building was designed specifically for moving and storage.

Once processed in our facility, your items are assigned a location in a climate-controlled area. Each item is provided a number so that it may be searchable in our system. Your items are then vaulted and secured. We do not have loose items in our facility. Each item has is secured in place after processing. Only certified forklift operators can move our vaults around, so your items remain secured at all times. Peace of mind is vital throughout this process.

Our facility is fully staffed with trained technicians. Our technicians can provide you access to your items at any time by appointment. Using the latest technology, WrightWay can track your items not only by the assigned lot number but by the vault, box, or item. We provide our homeowner’s detailed reports of all items that we have in our facility.

Yes, very. WrightWay’s facility has fourteen cameras covering all 1200-square feet. We have 24-hour surveillance with unlimited playback. Each door and window in our facility is hooked up to an alarm set each night when our technicians leave. Valuable items are kept under an additional lock and key in a separate place in our facility. WrightWay holds the items in our facility under an additional insurance policy to protect any size lot of inventory.  All of our technicians are background and drug tested. Finally, through the use of our inventory system, you have the ability to see where your items are at any given time.

WrightWay knows how stressful it can be after suffering a loss at your home or business. Our contents storage process provides our customers with peace of mind about their items so that they may focus on rebuilding their lives.