Mold Removal


Mold Removal and Clean Up

Initial Mold Assessment

Firstly, to determine if there is mold within the unit, WrightWay uses advanced moisture-meter equipment to measure moisture in effected floors, walls, ceilings, and cabinets. From there, we use thermal imaging cameras to identify the origin and the extent of the damage.

Contain Affected Area

Once the initial mold assessment has been completed and mold has been discovered, WrightWay acts swiftly to ensure your safety and hinder cross contamination. We seal the affected area using a plastic barrier. WrightWay uses negative air pressure to direct mold away from indoor space.

Extract, Remove, and Dry

Next, our expert team uses commercial-grade dehumidifiers and water removal extraction equipment on all potential affected areas. This can include floors, carpets, walls, and contents in an effort to contain damage and abate mold growth.

Disposal of Affected Materials

Working in tandem with the containment, our team works with you to determine which items are salvageable and which are not. Typically, porous items (meaning those that moisture can easily penetrate) are harder to clean. We know how frightening it can be to face the prospect of losing treasured items. WrightWay has an in-house contents department which works with you to ensure that all of your items are documented, packaged, and stored safely throughout the mold remediation process.

What is salvageable?

Non-porous metals, such as glass and hard plastics, are easier to clean and salvage. WrightWay uses their certified cleaning solvent to wipe down all non-porous materials to eliminate any mold spores.

Semi-porous items, such as wood, may be cleaned by drying, sanding, and treating with an environmentally safe anti-microbial solvent.

Depending on the severity of the mold growth, porous items such as ceiling tiles, insulation, wall boards, carpet, soft furnishings (such as pillows, couches, chairs), clothing, and books may need to be disposed of. Mold spores are likely to have penetrated the fibers of the material.

Air Duct Cleaning

In Florida, where our air conditioning units are running nearly year round, our goal is to treat these with the same care and attention to detail as the rest of your home. Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, including your air handler, will be assessed and cleaned in accordance with NADCA, as dictated by Florida law. A healthy air system is the first step to a healthy home.


Disinfection is one of the last remaining steps in mold remediation to make sure your unit or home is free from mold spores. WrightWay uses environmentally safe anti-microbial solvents to wipe down walls, counter tops, and other flat surfaces. Once completed, we will also provide certified clearance testing to be sure that all areas cleared of mold. WrightWay is dedicated to green cleaning, meaning our cleaning is safe and environmentally friendly. We use no harsh chemicals that could endanger you, your loved ones, or your pets.

Repair and Restore

Mold remediation is the first step in returning your home to it’s before condition. Once the remediation is complete, WrightWay has full-time professional repair and restoration crews available to rebuild, repair, and restore your property to its original state.

We know that the mold remediation can be a trying time for home and business owners. As a result, our trained team members are there to help you every step of the way.