Lead Testing

Lead Testing

If you suspect your home or business has lead paint, it is critical that you employ a company who is equipped to handle lead testing. Lead may cause serious health issues for all people, but especially in children and women who are pregnant.

Where Can Lead Be Found?

Lead can be found in paint, dust, soil, and the water pipes in your home (depending on the year it was built). Lead causes a serious health risk due to the ease of ingestion or inhalation. Symptoms of lead poisoning can include: headaches, high blood pressure, digestive problems, and joint pain.

How to Schedule Lead Testing:

If you suspect your home or business to have lead, call the WrightWay at 941-379-8669. Our trained technicians will arrive on-site to scope your property and test suspected areas for lead. If positive, WrightWay will work with you to set a course of action to remediate the issue.