Lead Removal

Lead Removal

Lead can be found in a number of places in your home: water pipes, paint, dust on surfaces such as counters or floors, and in soil tracked in from the outside. To understand why it is critical have lead removal from your home, you first need to understand why it is so dangerous.

Lead paint carries toxic effects that can affect anyone, particularly children and women who are pregnant. High blood pressure, joint paint, nerve damage, and cardiovascular damage are some of the risks associated with lead exposure.

Since 1978, national codes have been enforced to reduce lead exposure. However, older homes are still at risk of having lead paint. Home renovations can cause an exposure to lead due to the disturbance of surfaces with lead.

How is Lead Treated?

Lead removal is a critical process to any home that has lead exposure. WrightWay offers comprehensive lead paint detection and removal services. Our process includes: enclosure, chemical stripping, dust & paint removal, and remediation. Walls that test positive for lead paint will first be wet scraped. Once that is completed, WrightWay will perform a chemical stripping to remove any lead from the surface of drywall.

WrightWay can do lead removal on a number of common household surfaces such as:

  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Brick
  • Steal